About Our Symposium

Dear Colleagues,

As brought to your attention before, our international symposium titled ‘The National Sovereignty and Representation on the Centenary of the Inauguration of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey’ which was originally to take place in Ankara on 20-21 April 2020, was postponed to a further date in order to take necessary precautions due to COVID-19. Although we aimed to coincide the symposium with the date of the inauguration of the Grand National Assembly, which is the cradle of our democracy, we are well aware that the dates of the symposium are still unclear. However, when we considered the responsibility we felt for sharing the work of our respectful attendees and the meaning and importance of this historical event, we reached to the conclusion that it is unacceptable to cancel the symposium in the face of current circumstances.

Starting from March, we planned everything to the degree possible with the current pandemic process so as to hold our symposium, and with the instructions of the Speaker of the GNAT, we started the process again. Together with the symposium team, we are planning to go forward with this organization in a way to meet all health and technological requirements of the current situation as well as of all our attendees, including the attendees participating from other countries. Hence, we kindly request from all participants whose abstracts were accepted to the symposium before, to send their full articles until October 30, 2020. Within the upcoming days, detailed information, dates, and method of the symposium will be announced on the symposium webpage at egemenlik2020.org.

We thank you for your understanding throughout the process and wish you a healthy day.


Kind Regards,

Symposium Committee