1. Summary must be 100 words while the keywords should consist of 5 words max. The Summary and keywords should be given following the title.
  2. The margins must be 2,5 from top, 2,8 from bottom, 2 from left and 1,5 cm from right. Headers and footers would be adjusted by giving 1,5 cm to the former and 1,8 cm to the latter. The margins for the full text should be at 16 x 24cm.
  3. In the Text:
  • Fonts should be Times New Roman.
  • Title must be 18-point size, bold, in small letters and left aligned.
  • Names of the authors are to be 14-point size, right aligned, in small letters for names and capital letters for surnames.
  • Abstract and keywords must be italics and 10-point size.
  • Headings must be 14-point size, bald, left aligned and in small letters
  • Secondary subheadings must be 12-point size, bald, left aligned and in small letters
  • Tertiary subheadings must be 11-point size, bald, italics, left aligned and in small letters.
  • Quaternary subheadings must be 11-point size, italics, left alinged and in small letters
  • The general text of the script must use single space, centered and 2nk spacing must be used between paragraphs.
  • Bibliography should be 10-point size and left aligned.
  • In abbreviations, it must be given the full term at first which is followed by the abbreviation in parentheses. The following abbreviations should be consistent with the first one.
  • A dot should be placed, and the table or figure title should be given following the table and figure numbers. The first words of the titles should start with capital letters. If the table or figure is taken from another source, the source should be in italics with small fonts, under the table or figure in accordance with the citation rules. Tables and figures should be prepared in accordance with black and white printing.
  • "Double quotes" should be used in direct quotes that do not exceed three lines in the text. Except for direct quotations, double quotes should not be used in the text.
  • When citing a long (more than three lines) sentence, it should be written with right and left indent (0.5 cm) and 10-point size (without quotes). At the end of the quotation, page number of the source must be given in parentheses.
  • Special terms and expressions in the text must be given in 'single quotes'. If it is not a special name, the words in the quote should be written in small letters. Single quotes or italics (instead of underlined or bold) should be preferred for words or phrases to be emphasized.
  • Foreign words in the text should be written in italics. If the foreign language equivalent is to be given, italic should be written in parentheses.
  • Numbers should be written with words if they are below 10
  1. In-text citation is obligatory. Bibliography and citation must be organized with APA 6 system. All references must be fully demonstrated in Bibliography page in accordance with the rules.